Welcome to the Belmar/Lake Como St. Patrick’s Day
Parade Registration page

March 1st, 2020 @12:30pm


This is page is for potential Marchers, Bands, Floats and Last year Organizations for information about marching in the 2020 Belmar/Lake Como St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Registration is Closed:
Contact Parade Committee for late registration

Marchers: Starting Monday Feb 24th, you will receive your Line of March information via email, but you can also login with your credentials and get that information. Please print out your QR bar code for faster registration.

  • ** iPhone and Mac Safari users:  We have experience periodic issues with the Safari browser. It has to do with a security bug with iFrame. If you experience any issues please use this alternative link

  • An email will be sent to your organization’s contact email, if you do not receive this email or the contact has changed, please contact the Parade committee info@belmarparade.com

  • If there are any issues on the registration process, please email webmaster@belmarparade.com with your name and phone number and someone will reach back out to you.

  • If your organization has marched in last years parade, you will receive an email soon with a login and password. IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE THIS EMAIL once registration is open, PLEASE CONTACT info@belmarparade.com. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER AS A NEW ORGANIZATION.

  • If the contact for your organization has changed and the email is different than last year, you will have to call or email the Parade Committee to get the new contact info updated and emailed to your organization. If not sure , the registration page will do a lookup on your organization and show you the contact on file. PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER AS A NEW ORGANIZATION.

  • Registration will require the agreement of the Parade Rules and Regulations (Read HERE).

  • ATTENTION Registered Marchers: Your organization will be emailed your Line Of March order and time by Monday Feb 24th. If you do not receive it by email, you may log in your account and get that information after Monday